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As I’m walking through Target with my little sister, the kid somehow manages to convince me to take a trip down the doll aisle. I know the type - brands that preach diversity through displays of nine different variations of white and maybe a black girl if you’re lucky enough. What I instead found as soon as I turned into the aisle were these two boxes.

The girl on the left is Shola, an Afghani girl from Kabul with war-torn eyes. Her biography on the inside flap tells us that “her country has been at war since before she was born”, and all she has left of her family is her older sister. They’re part of a circus, the one source of light in their lives, and they read the Qur’an. She wears a hijab.

The girl on the right is Nahji, a ten-year-old Indian girl from Assam, where “young girls are forced to work and get married at a very early age”. Nahji is smart, admirable, extremely studious. She teaches her fellow girls to believe in themselves. In the left side of her nose, as tradition mandates, she has a piercing. On her right hand is a henna tattoo.

As a Pakistani girl growing up in post-9/11 America, this is so important to me. The closest thing we had to these back in my day were “customizable” American Girl dolls, who were very strictly white or black. My eyes are green, my hair was black, and my skin is brown, and I couldn’t find my reflection in any of those girls. Yet I settled, just like I settled for the terrorist jokes boys would throw at me, like I settled for the butchered pronunciations of names of mine and my friends’ countries. I settled for a white doll, who at least had my eyes if nothing else, and I named her Rabeea and loved her. But I still couldn’t completely connect to her.

My little sister, who had been the one to push me down the aisle in the first place, stopped to stare with me at the girls. And then the words, “Maybe they can be my American Girls,” slipped out of her mouth. This young girl, barely represented in today’s society, finally found a doll that looks like her, that wears the weird headscarf that her grandma does and still manages to look beautiful.

I turned the dolls’ boxes around and snapped a picture of the back of Nahji’s. There are more that I didn’t see in the store; a Belarusian, an Ethiopian, a Brazilian, a Laotian, a Native American, a Mexican. And more.

These are Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, and while they haven’t yet reached all parts of the world (I think they have yet to come out with an East Asian girl), they need all the support they can get so we can have a beautiful doll for every beautiful young girl, so we can give them what our generation never had.

Please don’t let this die. If you know a young girl, get her one. I know I’m buying Shola and Nahji for my little sister’s next birthday, because she needs a doll with beautiful brown skin like hers, a doll who wears a hijab like our older sister, a doll who wears real henna, not the blue shit white girls get at the beach.

The Hearts 4 Hearts girls are so important. Don’t overlook them. Don’t underestimate them. These can be the future if we let them.

You can read more about the dolls here:

*runs to target- i need to get my babydoll one for her 1st bday

ohmygosh and the one from Ethiopia has natural hair which you can’t get from the American Girl “just like you” dolls!

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CHINZILLA tattoo-a-day!

carolineeand, felt like you should see this.

Chinchillas are hardcore.



CHINZILLA tattoo-a-day!

carolineeand, felt like you should see this.

Chinchillas are hardcore.

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Permission granted…

Really excellent tips


Remember to boycott Jelly Belly candy corn again this Halloween.


Last year, the CEO of Jelly Belly donated money to an organisation that was fighting to stop transgender students from gaining equal access to gender-segregated facilities. (source)

Please do not support Jelly Belly if you consider yourself an ally of transgender people. Buy an alternative brand of candy corn instead.

Keeping in mind that Jelly Belly candy corn is the most popular vegetarian brand of candy corn, here are alternatives for vegetarians/vegans who want candy corn this season:

  • This is a link to buy (homemade) vegan candy corn on etsy. You can choose from multiple colours and flavours. It costs $15 for a 32 oz container of candy corn. 
  • Here are a few recipes so that you can make your own vegan/vegetarian candy corn. 1 2 3 4

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when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes







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Superheroes of Color Toy/Comic Drive →


Hi, my name is Bobby.

Recently, I’ve started buying comics to give out to kids that come to my job in order to spark an interest in comics or just make them happy.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about holding a Toy Drive of some sort, specifically for Children of color. 

Visibility is a real issue in comics and even more so in day to day life. I believe the superhero comic medium is a good way to not only get a way to entertain children, but a way to show them that their identity matters.

I will be donating some toys from my own collection.

I have also created this wish list for anyone interested in helping out by donating a toy or comic. 

I’ll try to keep an updated list of what toys/comics have been purchased as time goes on as well as a list of what toys, I will be putting in myself.

Help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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the feeling of incredulous betrayal when someone is like “BEST COVER I’VE EVER HEARD” and it turns out the cover concept is “acoustic guitar, 12x slower, gentle man bleating”

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yeah that’s cool but please imagine Booster Gold and Blue Beetle sending the best snapchats to each other? 

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We should see all the things that make people and the world different and not pretend that we are colorblind or that one story is enough to represent a whole group of people.

Sara Farizan

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